Give your hand sanitizer an IMMUNE boost!

Add CAMPO IMMUNE Pure Essential Oil to your favorite hand sanitizer to help boost your defenses. You can also take a couple deep breathes straight from the IMMUNE Pure Essential Oil Bottle to get the aromatherapy benefits to boost your defenses with this 100% natural essential oil blend of litsea cubeba, ravensara & eucalyptus.
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Spice Up Your LOVE Life Au Naturale

Spice Up Your Love Life Au Naturale

Naturally stimulate and awaken your senses with our essential oil rituals designed to attract, strengthen and uplift your sex life!   There are a variety of essential oils that can spice up your sexy time. We blended our very favorite aphrodisiacs to create our signature LOVE blend. Made with 100% natural essential oils of rose, neroli, ylang ylang, black pepper & pink peppercorn.

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