Ease Jet Lag & Jitters Naturally

Ease Jet Lag & Jitters Naturally


There’s nothing quite like stepping off the airplane knowing you have finally arrived at your favorite vacation spot. Excitement, calmness, the travel day is over at last. However, the process to getting there can be hectic and overwhelming, and that’s exactly what we’re here to remedy.

 Summer is a time for sun, travel, and stress relief, but a lot of us struggle with the latter. While you spend the week preparing for your trip, it’s natural to have that voice in your head reminding you of the things you still need to get done. Well luckily for you, essential oils have got your back and will help you manage the way you feel.

Campo’s new FLIGHT Aromatherapy Oil helps combat in-air anxiousness, whether it’s caused by turbulence or the extensive travel planning. It works to dispel feelings of stress during flight and restores a sense of vitality and alertness in any time zone. Feel grounded and connected to your mind and body with this 100% pure essential oil roll-on blend of Bergamot, Lavender, Peppermint & Ginger in luxury carrier oils. More specifically, Bergamot is helpful for stress relief, Lavender is a very useful relaxant and can help to eliminate tensions and calm nerves, and Peppermint can help ease nausea and headaches.

RITUAL:  1. Roll on pulse points.  2. Breathe deep.  3. Ease jitters & jet lag.

Along with FLIGHT Roll-on, many other oils can be of help to nervous flyers. The best way to prepare yourself for a trip is to build an essential oil survival kit for the flight so that you will stay calm, in control and have the energy you need. Bringing along two or three other Campo roll-ons, like Energy, Focus and Relax, is always a good idea. Rolling them onto the wrists and the back of the neck can be soothing. Inhaling oils can also be a great remedy, breathing them in deeply to reach all parts of the body and keep yourself clear-minded. Additional oils known to soothe flight anxiety include: 

For air sickness, a combination of Ginger and Peppermint can aid with the nausea. Drops of these oils can help to relieve nervous exhaustion and muscular pains, and also help increase circulation through the body. They also can help boost your immune system and support digestion. Avoiding sickness through travel is important to all, and these oils can help to prevent a turn in your immune balance.  

Instead of spending days recovering from jet lag, you can use Sweet Orange, Jasmine and Geranium to combat travel stress and “heavy legs” after a flight. Sweet Orange can help to elevate your mood and keep you feeling composed throughout your vacation. A bit of Rosemary can also enhance mental clarity and help keep your head from feeling fuzzy.

By using these oils to keep you going through your travels, you won’t be let down. Time to get back to tanning on the beach or touring the big city!

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