Want to Getaway? Here’s Everything You Need for the Ultimate Staycation!

Want to Getaway? Here’s Everything You Need for the Ultimate Staycation!

Need a little spring break but not going anywhere for a while? Never fear, we’ve got you covered. Escape to the desert with this 100% pure essential oil blend of grapefruit, sage, cedarwood Texas and cedarwood Himalayan.

Inspired by our California roots, CAMPO takes you on a journey lived or dreamed, stationary or in motion with the DESTINATIONS Collection. Our 100% natural essential oils will transport you to your favorite destination & transform your mind, body & soul. We created four custom and unforgettable essential oil blends that mimic the benefits you get when you are at the OCEAN, CANYON, DESERT & WOODS. Discover how you can connect with nature and its powerful healing benefits from the comfort of your home.

We invite you to experience our interpretation of the DESERT. Transport to the desert oasis and transform through the curative powers of nature. Civilizations past and present have made the journey to Palm Desert, California (Coachella Valley) for its climate, light, colors, scents, sights and sounds. We wanted to capture our fondest memories from the DESERTthrough aromatic scents and put it in a *“violet glass” bottle just for you!

Every year, people flock from all parts to enjoy the rare gifts from the desert. From native Californians to snowbirds the desert represents an oasis where wild sage meets manicured lawns, citrus blossoms float in the air above shimmering pools and where the sun kisses the rugged mountains good morning and the moon dances with the coyotes at night. The instant you arrive, the pace slows down and your senses come alive. It’s full of tradition and welcomes back family and old friends yet it invites exploration and excitement for love and new beginnings. The desert is a sacred place with incredible healing powers. Its arid climate serves as a natural detoxifier and the sunshine lifts spirits and soothes the soul.

Meet our DESERT BLEND and experience the fun, freedom and energy that the desert has to offer in this transformative 100% natural blend of grapefruit, sage, cedarwood Texas and cedarwood Himalayan essential oils.


1. Put 5-15 drops in diffuser or shower or dilute in a carrier oil/lotion, or use our pre-blended DESERT Roll-on and apply to your pulse points which are similar to where you apply perfume, neck, wrist, elbow & back of knee.

2. The Breathe Beauty Technique combines aromatherapy and visualization that can transport you anywhere and transform your mood! Your olfactory system is so primal & powerful. Close your eyes and imagine smelling a rose from the garden. In a single moment, you can instantly recall that scent and the feeling.

3. Breathe deep, visualize the desert and feel revitalized!


 Grapefruit-mood boosting & stress reducing.

Sage-cleansing & detoxifying.

Cedarwood Texas-balancing & soothing.

Cedarwood Himalayan- relaxing & grounding.


Sense of Scent: Grapefruit blossoms, fresh cut grass, tumbled dried sage brush & woody undertones.

Sense of Hearing: the sound of hummingbird wings, birds singing, the tranquil drops of fountains and sprinklers to coyotes howling at the moon.

Sense of Sight: colors come vivid, appear brighter, sharper, the sun, moon and the stars feel as though you can touch them.

Sense of Touch: fresh breeze on the skin, cool dip in the pool, the warmth of the sun your body responds to light therapy & touch becomes more intensified.

Sense of Taste: food & drink tastes more flavorful, vibrant and nourishing.

What is your favorite desert memory/experience? Let CAMPO DESERT transport you there!

*Violet glass helps harness the oils natural energetic properties while blocking harmful UV light.

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