Hidden Secrets of Pink Peppercorn oil & the Pink Peppercornr Plant

Relaxing, Calming & Anti-inflammatory

Pink Peppercorn

Botanical name (Latin): Schinus molle
Plant family: Anacardiaceae
Aroma profile: Pink Peppercorn Essential Oil smells crisp, fresh and peppery.
Perfumery note: Middle
Essential oil extraction method: Steam distillation
Native region/origin
: Peru
Growing habit: Trees typically reach a height of 22 to 32 feet. Leaves are oval, 1-2 inches long and .75 to 1.25 inches wide.
Parts used: Peppercorns

Benefits of Pink Peppercorn Essential Oil

Pink Peppercorn essential oil – similar to, more subdued in scent, and with brighter top notes than that of Black Pepper essential oil – has an aroma that is fresh, very intense, diffusive, dry, warm, and sweet-spicy with a faint floral note, a dry woody, slightly smoky undertone, and back notes resembling Angelica and Juniper. Please note that the aromatherapeutic properties of Pink Peppercorn are not the same as those for Black Pepper essential oil, and neither should be used as a substitute for the other. For example, Pink Peppercorn is commonly noted for microbial issues1, whereas Black Pepper is renowned for digestive, circulatory and muscular-skeletal support.

History of Pink Peppercorn Essential Oil

Schinus molle, a fast-growing, drought-resistant evergreen shade tree, is native to the Andes Mountains of Peru and belongs to the cashew family. Referred to as the Brazilian or Peruvian Pepper, Mastic or false pepper, it is also sometimes called the California Pepper, but it is not native. Spanish colonials distributed the trees by seed into North America where they proved particularly well suited to California and the desert Southwest and became prominent during colonial times.3Today, with renewed interest in rainforest botanicals, Pink Peppercorn has its place among thousands of newly researched plants with worldwide ethnomedical uses.

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