Hidden Secrets of Black Pepper oil & the Black Pepper Plant

Warming, Anti-inflammatory & Anti-spasmodic

Black Pepper

Botanical name (Latin): Piper nigrum
Plant family: Piperaceae
Aroma profile: Black Pepper Essential Oil smells crisp, fresh and somewhat peppery.
Perfumery note: Middle
Essential oil extraction method: Steam distillation
Native region/origin
: Indonesia
Growing habit: Wrinkled when dried
Parts used: Peppercorns
Breathe Beauty:Spicy, hot, woody

Benefits of Black Pepper Essential Oil

Black Pepper Oil has warming, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties.


Today, some strains of bacteria have evolved to become resistant to medicine, but Black Pepper Oil could be the solution. With remarkable anti-viral properties, Black Pepper Essential Oil can target these drug-resistant strains of bacteria and inhibit stubborn infection.

Ease feelings of anxiety

Alongside Ylang Ylang Oil and Rose Oil, Black Pepper Essential Oil has been shown to relieve negative effects and symptoms of anxiety.

Furthermore, the emotional benefits of Black Pepper Oil may help to reduce cigarette cravings and reduce levels of stress and anxiety for those quitting smoking.


According to research, Black Pepper Essential Oil has been shown to have ‘bio-transformative’ effects. It can normalise blood pressure, improve glucose tolerance and boost circulation to flush out toxins and reduce inflammation.

History of Black Pepper Essential Oil

The aroma of one the most favored of all spices is captured in our Black Pepper essential oil – fresh, dry-woody, warm, spicy, somewhat sharp like that of freshly ground Black Pepper. The dry/woody spiciness is reminiscent not only of the dried black fruits but also of other essential oils with high terpene/sesquiterpene content.

Black Pepper essential oil is used in minute quantities in perfumery in a manner similar to how ground Black Pepper is used in food – to pique the interest with the opening (top) notes of the perfume and to add depth to the overall composition. It affords interesting nuances to any floral bouquet and blends well with almost all oils, as long as only very small amounts are used, as the aroma strength of this oil is quite pronounced; a 10-15 percent dilution is recommended when working with small (low volume) formulas. Black Pepper is used in Carnation compositions along with Clove Bud and with floral notes such as Jasmine, Rose and Ylang Ylang. 

Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) is possibly one of the oldest trade commodities of the East1 where it has been in continuous use for over 4,000 years.2 It was so highly prized throughout the ancient civilized world that in 408 CE, Attila the Hun reputedly demanded 3,000 pounds of black peppercorns as part of the ransom for the city of Rome.3

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