Hidden Secrets of Fir Balsam Oil & the Fir Balsam Plant

Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial & Expectant

Fir Balsam

Botanical name (Latin): Abies balsamea
Plant family: Pinaceae
Aroma profile: Balsam Fir Essential Oil smells fresh, crisp and coniferous.
Perfumery note: Top
Essential oil extraction method: Steam distillation
Native region/origin
: Canada
Growing habit: Narrow, pointed, spire-like crown
Parts used: Needles and Twigs

Benefits of Fir Balsam Essential Oil

Fir Balsam have the ability to purify the air with its disinfecting and calming properties, when used traditionally, Fir Balsam was used to impart good health after childbirth for both mother and baby.

When utilized in aromatherapy, balsam fir is well-known for giving grounding. Balsam fir essential oilmay melt away tension and ease worries for a completely soothing experience, perhaps because the aroma is reminiscent of the pleasure of the holidays.

The benefits of balsam fir essential oil as a congestion therapy are twofold. The oil functions as an anti-inflammatory expectant when inhaled with steam from a diffuser. This implies that the oil helps to decrease swelling in the nasal passages while also releasing mucus so that it may be removed from the body. Balsam fir lowers sinus pressure and treats stuffy noses in this way.

The essential oil of balsam fir is both warming and calming. As a result, the oil is an excellent therapy for tense, hurting, or weary muscles. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities of the oil reduce swelling and promote circulation, helping muscles to heal more quickly than rest alone.

History of Fir Balsam Essential Oil

There are many uses for conifers coming from the First Nations which are listed in literature. The First Nations, the Sisters of Providence and even the famous Hildegard von Bingen, used the Balsam Fir to treat cuts, ulcers, rheumatism, kidney pain, chronic respiratory ailments or like a tonic. This Canadian Fir is anti-scurvy. The bark was also widely used by the First Nations in a decoction or as an infusion for internal problems such as tuberculosis or diarrhea. The Ojibwa used the fir resin added to tallow or fat to make a pitch to seal their canoes. The Europeans used fir gum in optics to attach lenses because of its high quality of transparency.

Balsam Fir is the iconic Christmas tree for many Westerners. At the beginning of the Canadian winter, its slightly sweet resinous fragrance with its hint of grapefruit overflows in homes bringing warmth and happiness during the festivities of the holiday season.

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