Hidden Secrets of Black Spruce Oil & the Black Spruce Plant

Calming, Soothing & Relaxing

Black Spruce

Botanical name (Latin): Picea mariana
Plant family: Pinaceae
Aroma profile: Black Spruce Essential Oil smells fresh, crisp, woody and earthy.
Perfumery note: Top
Essential oil extraction method: Steam distillation
Native region/origin
: Canada
Growing habit: Small, narrow evergreen tree with a spire-like crown
Parts used:Needles and Twigs
Breathe Beauty: Rich, Smoky, Evergreen Aroma

Benefits of Black Spruce Essential Oil

Black Spruce Essential Oil is abundant in monoterpenes and esters, making it antiseptic and helpful for respiratory issues and muscular aches and pains. Black Spruce Essential Oil has an immediate grounding effect. It is great for centering, calming and focusing.  If one can picture the full, majestic Black Spruce tree, a sense of rootedness and expansiveness occurs. Once feeling grounded, we can feel more connected to our breath, opening and expanding on many levels. Black Spruce Essential Oil is distilled from the needles of the tree, which provide respiration for the whole tree. No wonder Black Spruce essential oil allows us to feel more connected…to the earth and to the breath. This essential oil is wonderful when working with the root (1st chakra) and heart (4thchakra). It assists us in working with our shadow side thus allowing a higher vibration to occur. Black Spruce Essential Oil allows us to recall memories.  The oil has a way of connecting us not just to the earth and breath, but to ourselves as well, reminding us of memories from days gone by. We have found that when we are connected deeply to the earth that we can then open up to our higher selves. When we can feel more comfortable and grounded in our physical bodies, all things are possible! Black Spruce Essential Oil has always been one of the essential oils that we reach for time and again especially when dealing with any muscular issues. It has a way of penetrating deeply, yet gently, thus allowing the muscles to relax and be soothed.

History of Black Spruce Essential Oil

The black spruce tree is native to the Northern United States and Canada. The species name, mariana, means “of Maryland” in Latin. Which is a bit odd considering that the species does not naturally grow there. The man who named the species, Philip Miller, believed that Maryland epitomized North America and designated the species’ Latin name to reflect that.The tree is also known as "swamp spruce" or "bog spruce," and in French, as “epinette noire” because its needles can appear black from a distance. We use organic and wild-grown Canadian black spruce essential oil in our products. 

The Smithsonian notes that Northern Native American cultures chewed spruce tree resin as a form of chewing gum. In 1949 the black spruce became the provincial tree of Newfoundland and was shown on the flag of Labrador. In 1971 a black spruce tree was used as the official White House Christmas tree from the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire.

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