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13 million children face hunger today in the U.S.  We want to help.  With every product you purchase, CAMPO will give back to Feeding America.

Hunger knows no boundaries — it touches every community, including your own.  One out of six kids in the U.S. may not know where they will get their next meal. Feeding America is leading the fight to end childhood hunger in our nation. It is the largest domestic hunger-relief organization with a nationwide network of 200 food banks. In addition to accessing food through traditional food pantries, the Feeding America network offers specialized programs to help kids get the food they need when they need it most.  We hope after you learn about Feeding America and their efforts, you will feel as passionately about this cause as we do.

No One Can Thrive on an Empty Stomach, Especially a Child.

Learn more about childhood hunger and how Feeding America is working to end it and give our future generations the nourishment they need to thrive.  To find out more about child hunger and Feeding America, please visit:

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