5 Simple Rituals to Help You FOCUS at Work

FOCUS and FALL back to reality naturally through the power of essential oils. The transition from summer to fall and the re-entry back to life after rosé all day can be overwhelming and stressful. The kiddos go back to school, summer freedom drifts away and it’s back to work and less play. No matter what you’re heading back to, fear not…CAMPO has you covered with some simple daily rituals to help you stay focused, grounded and worry-free.

Wakey Wakey Start the Day Perky

ENERGY essential oil roll-on will uplift & energize your spirits naturally. The refreshing and distinctive rich citrus scent is pre-blended with 100% natural beauty carrier oils, so there’s no guess work. It’s jet set and ready to roll!

ENERGY intoxicating blend is made with:

  • Neroli- mood elevating, anti-inflammatory.
  • Sweet Orange- uplifting & anti-inflammatory.
  • Bergamot- Stimulating & detoxifying.
  • Sandalwood- anxiety reducer & anti-inflammatory.

These essential oils will help you open up your breathing pathways and increase your alertness while you get focused for the day. Roll-on on pulse points, stand up tall and stretch your spine and muscles, breathing into every part of your body. Let the oil circulate through the mind and body, freeing you of tedious thoughts and preparing you for the day ahead. Restore a sense of vitality and alertness.

Elevate the Mood in the Office

Elevate the mood and diffuse any meeting or situation. Place 5-15 drops of ENERGY 100% pure oil in an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser available in white or black ceramic and wood as well as our travel diffuser.

Uplifting oils are typically citrus oils or oils that stimulate your senses (Sweet Orange, Neroli Bergamot). Campo ENERGY is the little darling in our office!

Diffusing FOCUS 100% pure essential oil will help you and your staff stay on point during those long meetings.

If in Doubt Stretch it Out

The biggest issue with pro-longed sitting is that most people don’t actually know how to sit correctly. It takes some getting used to but once you have it down, you might notice less back pain, decreased fatigue, and improved breathing. Good posture can help your body in ways you never knew existed.

Push away from your desk and sit with your feet flat on the ground. Sit at the front edge of your chair and place your hands on your back, squeezing your shoulder blades together to escape that rounding position of your upper back. Lift your chest and bring your chin down to it for a stretch down your neck and back.

While sitting, adjust your computer screen so that your head is tilted slightly downward, but don’t lean into your screen. Add an essential oil to the mix by placing a calming essential oil blend like RELAX to your neck and cradle your head to release any stress.

 RELAX is a calming blend of herbaceous floral notes of:

  • French Lavender- calming, soothing & immune boosting.
  • Rosemary- mood balancing, soothing.
  • Frankincense- reduce feelings of anxiety & stimulate the immune system.
  • Neroli- mood elevating & anti-inflammatory.

Mini Meditation Moments

Refocus your attention and place a pause on the day, for mini-meditation moments. Roll on Focus or Halo essential oil blend to your temples. Move your fingers in small circular motions to soothe your system and find your center. Take a couple minutes for slow breaths to receive the greatest benefits.

Experience heightened awareness and mental clarity with FOCUS. A grounding blend of 100% pure essential oils of warm, woodsy:

  • Sandalwood-anxiety reducer & anti-inflammatory
  • Cardamom-comforting, warming & digestive properties.
  • Cedarwood-warm, comforting & grounding.
  • Neroli- mood elevating & anti-inflammatory properties.

 Ease neck and head tension with HALO made with a soothing blend of:

  • Peppermint- invigorating, cooling & anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Lavender-calming, soothing, immune boosting
  • Rosemary-mood balancing & soothing.

 Ease Stiffness & Improve Circulation

Reduce body tension with our MUSCLE relaxing roll-on oil made with:

  • Peppermint - cooling effect on sore, achy muscles. anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Copaiba Balsam- anti-inflammatory, healing and soothing to the skin with anti-microbial properties.
  • Clove Bud Oil-soothe muscle aches and pains. Improves/increases circulation. Helps blood flow through area & reduce pain.

Roll on your lower back and shoulders, breathe deep and feel muscles start to ease tension. Relax your body by leaning back into your chair or leaning forward onto your desk to rest your head and neck. Rest for a few moments before resuming a sitting position for work.

Connect to your breath and repeat these daily rituals throughout your day to increase productivity and vitality. Breath beauty.