Inspired by our California roots, CAMPO takes you on a journey lived or dreamed, stationary or in motion with our DESTINATIONS Collection. Our 100% natural essential oils will transport you to your favorite destination & transform your mind, body & soul.

We created four custom and unforgettable essential oil blends that mimic the benefits you get when you are at the OCEAN, CANYON, DESERT & WOODS. Discover how you can connect with nature and its powerful healing benefits from the comfort of your home.

We are going to focus on our OCEAN Pure Essential Oil and OCEAN Essential Oil Roll-On inspired by walks on the beach, coastal breezes, sandcastles, driftwood and surf. There are natural healing powers one can only find at the beach. Experiencing the fun, freedom and energy that the beach has to offer is a transformative experience.

When people are asked to imagine their ultimate relaxation destination 80% of people picture the beach.

We believe the OCEAN is a restorative place that makes us feel free. Turns out, there's a lot of great science to back this up. The salty ocean air contains negative ions that improve immune function and reduce inflammation. The sun boosts energy and mood while helping us feel more focused. Listening to the sounds of the ocean calms your nervous system while quieting your mind. The minerals in the ocean water reduce pain and improve skin elasticity. We can't always take our body to the beach or on vacation, but we can still get the benefits by taking our mind there by practicing visualization and what Dr. Heidi Hanna, Neuroscientist, Stress Expert & Director of Education for the American Stress Institute, calls the Beach Brain Technique.

CAMPO has a similar ritual we call the Breathe Beauty Technique that combines aromatherapy and visualization that can transport you anywhere and transform your mood! Your olfactory system is so primal & powerful. Close your eyes and image stepping off the plane in Hawaii and smelling a fresh lei with plumera flowers or smelling a rose from a garden. In a single moment you can instantly recall that scent and the feeling.

Our OCEAN blend is balance of earthy aromas mixed with gentle citrus notes help to restore focus and attention in the brain. Woodsy sensations promote clear breathing pathways which help to restore better blood flow to the whole brain. Helps support your nervous system into a healthier rhythm.

Lavender-calming-the gateway essential oil. Most popular of the essential oil family. Calming & mood-enhancing. Helps to soothe tension & relax. Scent-floral

Neroli-uplifting & comforting. Elevate mood & reduce stress. Uplifting notes make it a great way to recharge from mental exhaustion. Rare & beautiful, neroli was first used in the 17th century by Anne Marie Orsini, Princess of Nerola, who distilled the orange blossoms to make essential oils to scent her bath and gloves. Found in some of the most famous classic perfumes. It takes about 2 pounds of blossoms to yield 1 milliliter of essential oil. Scent-citrus, rich & bright. 

Palo Santo-grounding-clears negative energy-also known as Holy Wood. Fair trade and ethically harvested. Scent-woodsy.

Bergamot-calming & balancing. Scent-citrus



There are two primary ways to use our blends, through direct inhalation or diluting and applying topically to your skin. You can use them in a diffuser to help spread the scent throughout your home or office or apply our jet set ready roll-on with beauty grade carrier oils to pulse points and palms of hands.

Essential Oil Roll-On Ritual: Rub hands together to activate the oils and take and take 3 to 5 deep belly breaths for instant relaxation. Use the blend anytime you need a beach break throughout your day.

If you choose to use pure essential oil blends directly on your skin be sure to dilute well with a good carrier oil like jojoba, sunflower or apricot kernel.



1.  Diffuse or apply OCEAN blend, breathe deep and visualize your favorite vacation spot.

2.  Go to Airplane mode, get grounded & unplug from EMF.

The quickest way to get out of your more stressful environment and into a beach state of mind is through your feet. The sole of the foot is one of the most blood-enriched, sensitive parts of the body – prime to receive sensory information to help recharge the brain and body. Take off your shoes and connect with the earth and allow your feet to have a break and therefore trigger your brain to take one as well.

3.  Listen to ocean sounds or music that takes you to your magical place.

Simply listening to the ocean decreases blood pressure and improves heart variability, AKA physiological resilience. Sound machines and apps that play ocean sounds are great tools to help you take a few minutes to relax, destress and soak in the benefits of Beach Brain.

4.  Get some natural light

Nothing beats the all-natural rays of the sun and their power to boost energy, metabolism, bone health and immune function, simply flicking off the iridescent lights or turning away from your screen for a few minutes can make a world of a difference. Try natural light sources or wearing blue light glasses to filter out harmful rays from the many digital screens in your life.



The ocean can have some incredible impacts on your health and wellbeing. These simple daily rituals can help improve your overall wellness and elevate your mood. You can apply these same Breathe Beauty Techniques to the CANYON, DESERT & WOODS blends.

CANYON - Inspired by hikes through rustling eucalyptus, juniper berry & patchouli filled mountains. Escape to the canyon with this 100% pure essential oil blend of juniper berry, patchouli, eucalyptus radiata and sandalwood.

DESERT - Inspired by stargazing and warm nights filled mixed with cedarwood, white sage, and grapefruit.

WOODS - Inspired by mountain air and a walk in the woods. Escape to the woods with this 100% pure essential oil blend of pine scotch, Siberian fir, balsam fir, black spruce and bergamot.  



Swap dirty & dangerous candles for our ultrasonic essential oil diffuser.

Our Ocean diffuser blend is a natural candle alternative that's 100% pure, non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free. Diffuse the air naturally & turn your space into a beachy getaway.

Check out our new CAMPO Coral Potpourri and OCEAN Essential Oil that looks beautiful in any room of the house.

Get fresh hotel sheets-take a spray bottle with purified water and add Ocean essential oil to make you linens dreamy.

Bath time ritual-Take a long soak in the tub and add sea salt and a few drops of your favorite essential or our OCEAN blend to help relax and detox naturally.

Foot Bath-take a plastic tub and fill with warm water, sea salts and your favorite essential oil to get the healing benefits of the salty ocean.

In addition to our Breathe Beauty Technique pretend you are on vacation and try the following tips:

Turn your electronics to airplane mode-get grounded.

Dress like you are on vacation…put on a sun dress or golf shorts and go barefoot or where sandals.

Eat Well-take time to prepare and eat healthy & interesting meals at a leisurely pace.

Read-escape through books and check out mentally.

Sunshine-get some vitamin D.

Music-listen to music or get a white noise machine to mimic sounds from nature.

Story telling- share stories about your favorite trips.

Photographs-dust off old photos and relive treasured moments.

Here are some of our favorite recommendations for music, reading, food & cocktails!



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